Live Musical Quizz
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Live Musical Quizz ! Funk




Live Musical Quizz

A game that'll send your guests through

the roof! This concept is mainly used for

corporate events, parties or teambuilding.

We enter just before dinner is over and

distribute a bell at each table.

We give a little introduction, and start the Musical Quizz. Within 5 minutes you will see your guests standing on their chairs, if not on the tables. It is 100% interactive: We give them chances, extra points if they sing along and many more surprises.


This can be presented in up to 9 languages. Between 20min upto 1h of great fun, where you’ll discover the fighting spirit in each of your guests.


Live Musical Quizz!

A game that'll send your guests through the roof!


Depending on the Event, we’ll be 5 Artists on stage plus our tecnical staff. All we need is a whiteboard and a prize, and we’ll do the rest.